Electric Powerful Urban Harley style 1000w Motorcycle fat tires 60V

-86% Electric Powerful Urban Harley style 1000w Motorcycle fat tires 60V

Powerful 1000 watt Harley style Urban Scooter

Electric Powerful Urban Harley style 1000w Motorcycle with fat/wide tires for that extra grip, a 60V battery that has been discretely hidden within the main frame of the scooter gives it extra sleek looks. This is an Electric Transportation vehicle that is sure to get you attention and just a few of those admiring glances whether you like it or not.

You will be sitting in a super-cool stance on this electric scooter, and the sturdy frame means that comfort is a built-in assurance.

We have this model in stock and ready to make it’s way to you.

High-grip tires on this Electric Harley Scooter

You will be taking corners at ease without the worry of losing the ‘back end’ thanks to the wide extra-grippy tires that this harley scooter comes with. You are sure to be in your element.

Key-Start for extra security

As a form of extra built-in security, this electric Harley scooter can not be started unless you actually have the key (that you get 2 copies of). You can also use the very same key to be able to release the battery which will enable you to be able to detach the battery and take it up in-doors with you to be able to charge it.

So what will happen after you purchase this item?

After you buy this Electric Harley Scooter, your order will be processed as soon as we possibly can.

We are different to other “Cookie cutter” suppliers of electric scooters in that each order is assembled for our customers after they have purchased. This enables us to be able to fully safety check each item, as well as the safety of its electric battery before it even leaves us. It also allows us to be able to cater to any inpidual requirements.

As a responsible & ethical company, for your safety & our security, we do need to take these extra safety measures which do add some extra time on to when you will receive your order, but we feel this is a necessary step to take.


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